About bears


The Bear Refuge was founded in 2002. In this moment eight bears are hosted in the Refugium Ursorum Kuterevo. All of these bears lost their mothers during their first year of life and thus had no chance of survival in the wild.

Next to the volunteer station is the young bear centre where live Marko Kralj, born in 2012, and two other young bears, Mlada Gora and Mladi Dol. Both of them are born in 2010, like all the bears during the winter dormancy in January or February. We have 5 older bears. Huu Bear and Vlad Mir, who are 7 years old. Blago Zoo is 8 years old and is from Zagreb Zoo. The three of them share an enclosure with two big male bears that are 12 years old – Ljubo Lik and Zdravi Gor.

Greetings from the bears


In Croatia live around 1000 bears in the wild. The bears living in Croatia are part from the Dinaric population, where live by guess 2800 bears. This is the second largest population in Central Europe.

The colour of the bear pelt can vary from light grey to black, even so the hair mostly has a black colour, and therefore the brown bear has his name, in Croatian «smeđi medvjed». The male bears, living in Croatia have a weight on the average from 150kg, the females 100kg.

The bear is biologically classified as a rare species. The limited size of the available habit and the large space the bears require, prevent any significant further growth of the bear population.

You can find more information in the Brown Bear Management Plan of The Republic of Croatia.